Day 22 – Forza Motosports 5

Recently announced was the latest edition of the Forza Motorsports series, Forza Motorsports 6. Not long ago, a bit of an alteration to the series came out called Forza Horizons 2 also came out. To keep on track with me being slightly behind the times, I picked up Forza Motorsports 5 recently for the Xbox One. A simulation style racer that most commonly resembles that of Gran Turismo for those in the Sony world. I have to say, after spending a few days playing it, I never realized I could enjoy a simulation racer so much.

I had been eyeing this game for a little bit, more so for Jen who actually is way more in to cars than I am, and I wanted to have a game that she could pick up and play. It also did not hurt that the game had gone on sale for January for $29.99 for the “Racing Game of the Year Edition.” Despite being fairly amateur when it comes to racing games, I have actually played pretty well and I am trying to aim more for a realistic level of gameplay, compared to getting away with bumping every car in the world. I have had a few hiccups in races.

Pink Flip

This is the car that Jen helped customize to her liking. Despite the fact that the steering wheel is on the right side of the car, it actually is a blast to cruise around in, and I have gotten some pretty funny reactions to guys online when racing them. The game is just a blast to play, there isn’t a huge learning curve if you realize that in real life you cannot fly around  90-degree turn at 150mph. The reason I decided for Forza 5 over the newer Forza Horizon 2 is that FH2 seemed a little more arcade like. You could go off road, and the style was much more open world than circuit racing. It still looks amazing and has a pretty heavy touch of realism, but when it comes to racing games, or really games in general, I am a realism nut.

Another aspect that I really enjoy in Forza 5, and what seems to be racing games in general is the online play. I like the idea that it’s hard to really cheat in a racing game. You have to drive the course, and though some cars may be faster than others, the game is broken in to race classes which keeps everybody somewhat in range of each other. It’s also fun starting a race and watching the hell break loose on the first turn. I have laughed at more wrecks and flips at the start of the race than any other parts of the race. Once that initial separation occurs though, you really have to race well to pass other drivers, and that’s what I’m really liking. The power of the car does have some influence on how you will do, but somebody with a jacked up speed racer can wreck just as easily, if not easier as you and thus opens the opportunity to make the pass.

If you have an Xbox One and are looking for a game that you can spend a time in, without having to go for hours on end at a time to play I recommend Forza Motorsports 5, plus its’ only $29.99 on Xbox Live. The amount of cars is pretty impressive, the ability to earn money to purchase those cars is reasonable, but you cannot immediately go buy a 1.5 million dollar car after just a couple of races.

If you do decide to pick it up, let me know and we can do some racing on Xbox Live, shoot me a friend request to my gamertag TheSTLBlueNote.

And if you want to really enjoy this racer, choose the in car view with the steering wheel in front of you, just makes it that much more fun!


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