Day 25 – A Little Late Night Creativity

I get off of work at 1:30am, and when I get home a lot of the time, I am not very tired. I also for some reason get hit with a pretty heavy dose of creativity and inspiration. As much as I think I should be going to bed, if I can do something productive, then I’m all for it.

Tonight I decided to mess with my “entertainment” Facebook page. I created this page when I started doing YouTube videos. Like any form of self promotion, you need all the avenues covered so I figured I’d have a separate artist and personal Facebook Page. That page actually hosts these blog posts when they are posted. One thing I never seemed to get a hang of was how to create cover photos on Facebook. It seemed like whenever I used a template or size specifications, it always came out crappy. For some reason, I never thought to just watch a YouTube tutorial, because that’s the thing that helped the most. I was tired enough to not go fully creative, but motivated enough to at least do something a little different.

This is what my background cover was before I changed it:


I liked the colors of this design, but I wanted to create something that showcased me a little bit too, and though it didn’t take a ton of creativity, I came up with this new design.

Facebook Cover

It works out well because on the left hand side is where the profile picture comes up, plus I was able to mix the grey across the whole banner, when in reality, the picture was only just behind my profile there against a wall. I like the shadow too, which is just a natural shadow from the original picture. I haven’t decided if I like this plain look, or this other one I created which shows some social media buttons. My only concern in that the buttons are not interactive, meaning you cannot click on them, but I guess it just calls out that I’m on Twitter, YouTube and host the Rock Paper Podcast.

Facebook Cover w buttons

So it’s now 3:25am and I should probably go to bed, but I’m happy with the little change i came up with. What are your thoughts? Do you like the banner with the buttons or without? I’m undecided still on what to choose.

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