Day 27 – Lost In A Mountain of Laundry

I have written countless blogs about cleaning our house. I have vacuumed rooms, dusted rooms, swept and mopped floors, but since we have moved in there is one obstacle I have never fully tackled and that is our laundry. If you went in our basement bathroom right now, you would see at least 5 or 6 laundry hampers full of clothes. I must admit, the majority belong to my wife and her large arsenal of attire, but it still doesn’t change the fat that we have a room that is not accessible to laundry, and 2 laundry hampers that could help with organization if they were just cleaned out.

So today my battle has begun. Instead of starting upstairs in our bedroom and collecting laundry, I’m going to get the bathroom laundry done first. Once that monster is tackled, then I will have the opportunity to disperse the laundry hampers we have to different rooms so that I can load laundry up in them to finalize my war on laundry.

Fortunately, my wife is off of work today so she has kind of been keeping an eye on the kiddos while I embark on this fun adventure. I was also able to get the laundry room cleaned up, vacuumed and even wiped down our washer and dryer. I am finding that my biggest annoyance these days is not having a specific place for things and also having an over abundance of clutter around the house. I am starting to be ashamed of opening closet or cabinets and seeing things just packed in there with no real rhyme or reason. A few days ago I was able to tackle the garage in order to get our cars in just in case it were to snow heavily some time.

I just want to have some organization to our house. I want to be proud of our house, and I want to not have to worry if somebody comes over, that there are clothes randomly strewn across every space around our house. Do I expect it to be perfect, absolutely not, I am cool with a mess here or there, but it tends to fester and build up, and then it gets to the point where I have to spend an entire day cleaning a single room or multiple rooms. Once I have things collected I think I can maintain them, but it also involved a study balance of getting rid of things that we don’t need and not collecting more unnecessary nonsense.

I am even tempted to just go on a giveaway spree and just start listening things that if somebody can come grab them, then they’re theirs. We have a monster television in our garage that kind of works, but it’s more of a space occupier and I just want to get rid of it because I don’t want something that big in the house, and I don’t want to spend money to try and fix it. It’s essentially older technology that I would be happy having somebody else take. Maybe one of these days I’ll call the guy we used to use at JCPenney for liquidating items and see if he wants to grab it for his shop. He was a great guy, and I know he’d be happy to take it.

Anyway, I just heard the washer finish up so I’m going back to the front line to continue the battle. Wish me luck, and I hope my blog tomorrow is about how I made some solid progress!


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