Day 28 – Podcasting and Photoshopping

Im just hanging out here waiting for Shane to get off work so that we can go record a new episode of the Rock Paper Podcast. Tonight we’re chatting with the band Apollo’s Daughter and last night at about 1am I was feeling creative and thought I would try creating some kind of flyer for the show. I was inspired by those old boxing movie posters but didn’t fully go that route in the end, but I was still fairly happy with it. I did it all through photoshop which I’m trying to get better using.

Tomorrow is my last day off before going back to work and there are 2 television events I’m excited for. One actually is bittersweet because it is the final episode of the show Parenthood. It’s such a great show that reminds me a lot of my family. It’s one of the few shows that Jen and I sit down and watch regularly. She got me hooked on it.

The other is the return of Blues hockey after a 10 day break from the All-Star break. I love watching Blues games but it’s even better when I get to catch one that is at home and against a rival. They play Nashville tomorrow so I’m pretty excited to watch it and hoping for a win.

Not much outside of that, but going to get ready for Shane to show up do thought I’d pump my daily blog out.

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