Day 33 – Apple of My iPad

Hey I was actually on top of this blog today! As much fun as it is to wait until the last minute to write, I would much prefer my blogs are prepared for release earlier in the day.

So we finally found an iPad mini for our son Ricky. We purchased it used off of Craigslist and though it probably seems nuts that we got him an iPad, we sold his Nabi to get it so it worked out. In return, I now have 3rd generation iPad for my very own, well I may still have to battle Ricky from time to time, but at least I have an alternative for him.

I went and got our screen fixed on the 3rd generation as not a week or two after getting it fixed, it was broken again. I went through Fox Paw again to have it repaired, and I was surprised to see the price for the repair actually had dropped by about $20. I’m currently in search of a nice case for it though. I have one of those smart covers, which is cool, but you can pull it right off, so I’d like to get something a little more complete.

The iPad mini we got for Ricky came in an Otterbox so he should be in good shape with that. He loves it, and it blows my mind how much he has learned from using it. He knows all of his ABCs, how to count to 10 and probably has even helped him memorize some of the book Goodnight Moon. Obviously we are not parents that just say, “hey kid get away and go play with the iPad,” but we don’t really refrain him from using it because he really plays a ton of educational games. We were kind of looking in to that ABC Mouse or whatever it’s called, but we’ll see.

I started doing a little reading on the iPad and I hope to get back into that. The trouble I was having is that anytime I would grab the iPad, my son would want to play with it. Now that he has his own, I can actually put the applications I want on it, and remove all of the games and stuff. I will probably be using it more for our Podcast for notes and to prepare for interviews. I haven’t fully decided if I like the bigger iPads or the iPad mini, but I’m cool with the bigger one. When Ricky tried to carry it around, it was just too big. The mini is a perfect size for him.


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