Day 34 – It’s Nice to have Mild Days

Today has been nice, it’s chilly but not bitter cold. Our winter, if you can really call it that, has been pretty mild. We have yet to have a big snow, and though we’ve had some cold days, nothing that has been dangerously cold. I’m not one to argue, but I wouldn’t mind having one big snow this year, especially if it’s on a day when Jena and I are both off.

Today it has been me and the kids as Jen had to work until 5pm. I had to take Ricky to his 3-year check up and he checked out pretty much ideal. He did awesome, except for a little bump he took in the waiting room which caused his nose to bleed a little bit. I guess if that’s going to happen, he was at the right place for it. Luckily, it was just a minor thing and he was cool. The doctor said he is growing exactly how he should, and we were pretty proud to tell her how smart he is.

I will go record a new episode of the Rock Paper Podcast a little later with Shane so that should be a good time. For some reason I’m super tired today, it may be because I didn’t go to bed until about 4am last night. I just always have a hard time falling asleep when I get off work. It didn’t help that I started watching last night’s Raw which I DVRd. The WWE for me is now to a point where I just watch the opening of the show and normally he main event, but fast forward through the rest. If I see something of interest I’ll stop it, but they just don’t seem to be making a ton of good tv lately. I hear the interview between Stone Cold and Triple H was actually pretty good though.

I’m excited for the next two days to hopefully get things in order a bit in the house. I really have no obligations so it’s nice to just hang with the kids, I think Jen has to work late tomorrow but is early again on Thursday so I’ll get to see her then 🙂

So that’s what I have going on, I could take a gnarly nap, but like I said, maybe I’ll just go to bed at a decent time. We’ll see what happens. New episode of the Rock Paper Podcast will be up on Thursday.


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