Day 35 – Let’s Try Typing with a Bluetooth Keyboard

So late last night I was cleaning out one of these cupboards we have in our living room and I came across this bluetooth keyboard that I bought some time ago pretty cheap for JCPenney. I decided to charge it overnight and try it out to day to see if I could actually type on it.

It seems like the issue before was that the keyboard was so small that my fingers were hitting the wrong keys. As I type this I am having a little bit of issues, but it’s going better than I thought. I’m not a fan of the design itself of the keyboard case, but this is just simply a test.

I have found some pretty cool case/keyboard combos and I wrote a blog about getting some kind of new case a little while back. The one that I have my eye on run about $100 and I have a hard time justifying spending that when I do have a laptop. Most of the blogs I have written come from using my laptop so it would probably end up being a waste of money. I think I’d rather get some kind of nice protective case, than one that comes with a keyboard.

Amazon seems to be the place to go for cases so I will have to check that out and see what kind of goodies I can find. Ultimately, this keyboard is working better than I expected, and I don’t remember how the cases looks once closed with the keyboard inside. It seems pretty bulky and the leather is a little cheap. The brand is iHome which I think makes ok stuff, but I wouldn’t say they lead the way. Well I need to go get some coffee and get this day going, so I hope everyone has a great morning.


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