Day 38 – We Are a Go for Ricky’s Birthday Party

So we had a spot of sickness in the house as both the kids have a little cold going on and Jen was running a fever and feeling miserable Thursday night/Friday. She seems to be feeling more of herself today which is great because I was worried we were going to have to cancel the birthday if she wasn’t feeling well. I have a hard time believing we’d have a party without her having to make it, that would drive her nuts!

Luckily everyone seems to be feeling well, and Jen was able to wrap up a few things left to do for Ricky’s birthday. A big thanks goes out to my parents who are letting us have the party at their house, our house doesn’t hold many people well, and with the dogs, it just becomes a bit of a hassle. Once we get our yard fenced in it will be a lot nicer allowing them to just run around out back, but until then the house just gets crazy.

I’m not exactly sure who all is going to be at the party, but even if it’s just hanging out with some family, then I’ll take it! I can tell you right now that the thing Ricky will probably be most excited for is blowing out the candles on his cake. He loves blowing out candles, and I know that’s what he’s going to be majorly eager to do.

I’m glad I got the day off, which feels weird because I was off yesterday with my wife being sick, then Sunday it feels like I’m just working every other day. I’ll come back from Sunday and work Monday and then I’m off for 3 more days.

I need to make a plan to get some things done in the near future. I need to go see a doctor for just some kind of general check up because it has been years, but I also need to go to the dentist. Last night after brushing my teeth I had one of my back bottom teeth chip which I think may be a result of my wisdom tooth rubbing up against it and just not going to the dentist so I need to get that taken care of. My teeth are probably in terrible shape, and though it’s nerve racking thinking about going to the dentist, once it’s  done you feel relieved to at least have some action done to them.

So that’s today, I’ll need to blog early tomorrow or else I will probably forget to after the party. Enjoy the nice weather today everyone!


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