Day 39 – A Successful Birthday Party

So ladies and gentlemen, the birthday party for our son Ricky was a success. I was unsure how it would go as we haven’t really hosted too many “little kid” parties where we are providing most of the entertainment. It turned out really well and I want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate Ricky’s birthday with him, even if it was a week late.

Ricky had a blast, and my parents house was a perfect setting for the party. My parents are always so accommodating to hosting events, and this was no different. My parents are just awesome, and a big thanks to Jen’s parents as well, her mom brought a good chunk of food too and her dad helped chase Ricky around. We are some lucky folks.

I have a TON of pictures to upload later, but I don’t know if I feel like doing it tonight. It’s always such a process to get them uploaded and sort through the ones that aren’t just random shots. I have given up too on tagging people in those photos, because that is a whole other monster haha.

We also majorly lucked out on the beautiful weather we had. Being able to hangout outside without a jacket on and actually getting kind of warm running around was an absolute blast and is exactly what little kids love to do.

It was a great day and I cannot thank everyone enough for all they did to make Ricky’s birthday an amazing one.

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