Day 40 – A Quick Little Blog

So it has felt like a quick work week, but I also was off Friday because my wife was sick and then took off Sunday for my son’s birthday party. I’ll take it though.

I really don’t have a lot planned for the next few days off, maybe some cleaning, but I feel I spend all of my days off cleaning. If it’s nice tomorrow, maybe I’ll take my son out to try riding his new bike his grandma (nene) got for him. I think it’s supposed to be sunny and in the 50s.

I should have probably written this blog earlier in the day as it is now getting late and I always feel like they are rushed. Essentially they are and I don’t have a ton of time to really talk about what I want to, or even think about what to talk about to begin with.

Thinking about maybe trying to do an early Valentine’s day dinner with Jen either Thursday or sometime next week. I work on V-Day and I think she may too, plus you get to avoid all of the chaos of trying to do it on the day of. I can’t believe we’re already in mid-February. The year seems to be flying by, which isn’t a bad thing, just all a blur. I think we might have a time to finally breathe from holidays and birthdays and things, which will be nice. Just seems like we are always planning for something coming up. So this will be a short blog, but at least it’s something right. I do apologize for the lackluster quality of it. Enjoy your Monday everyone.


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