Day 41 – Like Father, Like Son

I was laying in bed this morning trying to fall asleep, and I don’t know what triggered the idea, but I had an idea for a podcast come to mind. One of those ideas that when it pops in your head, you immediately go to try and see if the domain name that you would maybe use is taken. Of course, it was.

My idea for the podcast would be something that may be more interesting for myself than maybe others, but it would be one with myself and my dad. My mom and dad are the parents of 6 kids and 17 soon to be 18, grandkids. In a time when I try and figure out how I’m going to raise 2 kids running around, they had 6. They are the people I most respect and look up to, and now as a dad myself, I thought it would be interesting to do a weekly chat with my dad.

My Dad and Me

I would basically pick a topic each week and just talk to my dad about it. The topics could range from raising six kids, to coaching little league to his enjoyment of the Eagles. I don’t know if people outside of my family would find it incredibly interesting, but it’s something that now that I am a dad and a little wiser, I emphasize the word “little” there, that it’d be interesting to me to talk to him about things.

The funny thing is my mind immediately gets excited for these ideas and starts thinking, what would I call it, how often would we record it, like I start to want to build it in my head, and I don’t even know if this would be a real thing, just an idea that got me excited.

My dad is essentially retired now and I don’t know if he’d have any interest in a fun little project like that, but the way I pick the brain of the people on our Rock Paper Podcast, I think I would get 1000x more enjoyment picking my dad’s brain on just being a dad and all sorts of different things. Like I said before, it’d be fun conversing as adults and and parents as well as obviously him being my dad and still learning from him.


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