Day 47 – The Snow Actually Arrived

So it took some time, but we finally have gotten our first snow of the winter. It seemed to hit towards the end of last night, and I had the luxury of driving home in it. As much as I love driving in the snow, I have to say I’m glad I had to do it when it was 1:30am and there were very few people on the road. Unfortunately, I have to go back today, and I’m hoping the roads are a little better.

I got home last night and Ricky again was running a fever. We put him in the bath and let him lay on the couch with his iPad and he seemed to finally fall asleep and get some rest, but hoping tonight we can go without a fever. He always seems so miserable, but this morning he seems to be acting a little bit more normal.

It will be interesting to see what the work staffing looks like today as with the snow, you can probably expect a lot of call offs. Maybe I’m wrong, but just from my experience working at JCPenney, I know how these days go when it comes to calling off. Shoot it’s a tempting concept, but unfortunately I feel like I can make it to work, and I don’t want to call off just because I think it looks bad out, if I miss work it’s because I tried to get to work and just can’t.

Ready for 3 days off after today, and I need to get rolling to work here, but I hope everyone enjoys their days and hopefully don’t have to be in to work yourself.


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