Day 49 – Getting the Kids Healthy

So the last week or so, it seems like the sickness has been going around. I think it officially started with my wife getting sick the weekend before last, followed by Ricky getting sick and now Amelia is fighting some sort of cold as Ricky is almost over his.

The kids being sick has made for the last 4 nights to be pretty late ones as Ricky had been running a fever the first 3 nights, and then Amelia had a pretty rough cough last night, which we’re hoping is not turning in to croup. Today, Ricky still has a cough, but he has been acting pretty normal and playing around. Amelia has been pretty fussy and very clingy. She did end up taking a bit of a nap earlier today, but since then she has been very much in need of constant attention. Her nose has been running pretty good, and I’m pretty sure she’s teething, because she has just been gnawing away at her fingers.

Luckily, Jen and I are both off tomorrow so I think we may take Amelia to the doctor. The characters from Frozen are supposed to be a Chesterfield mall tomorrow morning too, so I’m sure we’ll work our schedule around to get Ricky the privilege to see his favorite characters.

That’s really all we have going on today. I did get these gaming chairs today from Best Buy for $9.99 each. I was going to buy some more after seeing them, and they had jumped back up to $69.99 so I’m pretty happy with that purchase, but wish I could have grabbed a few more. I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!.


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