Day 53 – Will We Grow Tired of Digital?

Recent there was an interview with, I believe he was one of the founders of Google (don’t quote me on that), warning people against a “digital dark age.” Basically saying that maybe we should not be so reliant on digital media or methods of storing things. A lot of things have gone to the digital form, and even the “cloud” has built up quite the reputation for users to purchase space and store things in.

It got me thinking though, will people start to grow tired of everything becoming digital. I completely understand the warning that there could come a time where something happens with this service or or a hard drive gets destroyed and priceless pictures are essentially forever lost. What about though, the idea of music, books, movies and things going digital?

Will be people ultimately begin to grow tired of having everything stored digitally and begin to miss the days of having a physical collection. It just kind of hit me a few days ago as I purchased a bookend for my desk, that as fun and convenient as it is to have a plethora of books on an iPad, there is still something kind of cool about having a collection of books on a shelf, or cds or movie collection.

I really like the trend that blu-ray movies are going where they offer the blu-ray, DVD and digital copy all in a single package, so you pretty much have everything you want for whatever situation. I think books would benefit from that route, where if you buy a book, you can get a code to download the digital copy. It would be a tricky situation with books as there is no packaging, so they would have to figure out how to go about distributing the code for the book, compared to somebody just going in to a store and taking the code from the book.

Maybe they can develop a code that prints on a receipt when a book is purchased that is somehow linked to the barcode when it is scanned. I just think people are going to begin to get tired of not having any physical thing to show for their collection, besides pulling up an iPad and showing a list of books on it.

I also am concerned that something may happen where pictures may be lost. We just purchased a printer that can print photos, and having this ability has made me want to start printing out more. Currently all of our photos are on a 1TB hard drive, and the other day I could not find it, and I was kind of freaking out, because a lot of stuff with meaning is on that thing. It can disappear just that easy.

So what do you think about the digital age we’re in? I know there are many of my friends who prefer to have a physical collection of records or books, but do you think people will begin to revert back to that way, or is the age of convenience too strong?


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