Day 56 – Good Intentions, but Little Progress

So I started the morning off at about 6am when Amelia woke up, and after making some coffee and editing the latest episode of the Rock Paper Podcast, I decided I would try and get some stuff cleaned up today. I had some motivation, and determination to get the house in order. Sadly, all I can really say I accomplished was cleaning up our “linen closet.”

I did get a couple of loads of towels done, and a solid portion of my clothes washed and dried, I now need to fold them, but the house is still a pretty awesome disaster, if not in worse shape than it was before. Im pretty sure there kitchen island and table have accumulated more stuff than was there before, and the living room is a bit of a mess too. I guess that’s just the way things go with kids, but it does continue to bug me when our house is continually a mess. I think I’m finally realizing all the times my mom would get on me about my room being a mess, it was probably driving her nuts, but on a smaller scale haha.

I do have a 16 FL OZ Red Bull still available to me, so maybe if I pop that open I will get some motivation to get some things cleaned up, but the key room I want clean is the bedroom and I just don’t know if it’ll get done by the end of tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I’ll get on a roll.

Considering sleeping down on the couch tonight in the living room because it seems like when Amelia has been waking up, she continually throws a fit, unless she gets in her swing. I think a major part is that she’s still congested from her cold, and sleeping in the swing props her up a bit, instead of being completely on her back in her bed. Not a big deal sleeping on the couch, and maybe it’ll give Jen and Ricky a bit of a boost in sleep

On a positive note, I downloaded a program that lets me stream movies from my Macbook Air to my Xbox One, so far we played Big Hero 6 and Dumb and Dumber To. We didn’t finish either of them, but I was pretty excited at how easy and well the application worked. I normally use Vuze, but for some reason, it doesn’t like to sync well with the Xbox One. I’ll have to try the application out for my Xbox 360, I’m thinking it’ll work just the same.

So that has been my day, I think there was a mini nap in there while Jen and Ricky were at Wal-mart getting food, but I still feel like today has been a bit of a wash in terms of progress on cleaning the house, and that frustrates me. There is always tomorrow though.

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