Day 59 – Giving Californication a Second Chance

Quite some time ago, my buddy Tippin introduced me to the show Californication. It was a show I got really in to along with Entourage, but for some reason I ended up losing interest in. The show, which I think has run its course is on Netflix, and I decided to try and pick up where I left off. I realized I was farther in to it than I though, actually made it to season 5 with a pretty good recollection of what was going on with the story. What’s really interesting is how awesome David Duchovny is in the show. Before Californication I only knew him from The X-Files, and that I never really watched, he just seemed a nerd in my eyes, so when his character is the complete opposite, it really caught me off guard.

Since Californication, I haven’t really connected to very many shows that have made me want to eagerly watch the next episode. The only ones that come to mind are Game of ThronesParenthood, and as mentioned above Entourage. I have a hard time getting in to television shows, and I think it may be the idea of dedicating an hour of my time to a show once a week. If the show captures me at the right time though, I will watch religiously.

The show would not be great, without a proper partner in crime, and Californication’s Charlie Runkle is hilarious, and compliments Hank (Duchovny) perfectly. He’s just so awkwardly hilarious, that despite what he does on the show, you can’t help but like the character.

So I’m excited to be picking Californication back up, and the idea of being able to catch up on a few seasons, is pretty awesome, and for a show I know I already like, I feel like I’m not having to do the work to get in to the show. If you haven’t checked it out, I really do recommend it, and with it being on Netflix, it’s a pretty convenient show to dive in to.


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