Day 61 – Excited for Days Off

I don’t know why, but for some reason, the day before my “weekend” always feels like I have worked for a month straight. I don’t know if it’s the anticipation of being off for three days, or if it’s just working until 1:30am each night that makes me feel exhausted.

I don’t have a ton of plans for my days off but it is always amazing when Jen and I both have a whole day off together. Many times, we see each other in passing and if I work late, I get home and my family is all passed out sleeping. On Wednesday Shane and I are recording a new episode of the Rock Paper Podcast which should be awesome. I can’t believe we are a few months out from doing that for a year.

I have officially taken off for the Wrestlemania party we’re having on March 29th, and I’m pretty stoked for it. It’s always a good time, and everybody who comes really has a blast watching wrestling and eating food. Though I’m not as excited about this year’s Wrestlemania card, it seems like it’s more just hanging out with cool people than, and watching the pay per view is almost just a bonus.

This will be a short post, but just meeting the day, work has been choppy so this probably feels sporadic, but looking forward to midnight to start enjoying my 3 days off.


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