Day 63 – I Missed Today by an Hour!

You know those days when you totally forget to write a blog? So far, in my 60 something days of doing this blog, today is the first time I have missed my daily deadline. Of course, I did not realize it until 1:00am, but here is my blog for technically yesterday, but I will also write one for today. You folks are lucky, because I mean you get two blogs in one day. I guess I will have to go in my basement, remove my shirt, and whip myself 63 times, it’s the rules right?

Today (yesterday actually) was somewhat productive. It’s hard to get too much done when you’re also watching your two kids, but for what it’s worth I think I made some headway. I finally got the kitchen area picked up and decluttered a bit. My ideal situation is to have as little removed off of the counters as possible. We have this nice big island in the middle of the kitchen that seems to be a catch all for stuff, so I’m trying to prevent that from re-occuring.

I actually made a trip to Wal-Mart not too long  ago to get one of those hanging shoe organizers. The thing you hang from a door and put shoes in, only I put it on the pantry door to store snacks and stuff in. I think it works great, but the ultimate verdict comes from the wife and if she likes it or not. I think some of the items will be fine, it’s the baby food that I have a feeling she will want relocated. Which, is totally cool, as long as it’s not on the counter. That is my only real rule, I just want as little on the counters as possible. I was on a roll today though, I even wiped down the cabinets to end things. I’m hoping it stays this way but we will see.

I was actually in the middle of editing the podcast and I think that’s why it slipped my mind. When I was going over to record it, I thought to myself, ok it’s 7:30, by the time I get home I should have plenty of time to write it. Which I did, but I just got distracted getting the kids to sleep and then making a impromptu trip to Wal-mart. I’m sure this won’t be the last time I miss a day, but I guess at least I caught in somewhat soon after right?

Anyway, back to getting the podcast ready for tomorrow, it’s a good one, and I had a blast chatting with Jon Veregino on it, the dude is a cool guy. I hope you all had a great Wednesday and be ready for as second blog sometime later today.

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