Day 66 – Why Not Encourage the Funko POP! Addiction

So our son Ricky loves watching these videos that feature surprise eggs. They’re like chocolate eggs, with a plastic shell inside that have toys in them. I do believe that the user DisneyToyCollector or whatever is one of the top grossing YouTubers online. Like she is making major bank and probably owns a small country.

With that, Jen and I always joke that we should just try making toy videos of whatever. We’ve never really followed through on it, but last night I decided to take an amateur leap and combine creating a new YouTube series with my obsession of Funko POP! Vinyl toys. The result is 3 videos created, and an schedule that can very well last me for a couple of months. Keep in mind, that is IF we do not buy anymore Funk guys, which is probably not the case.

Macho Man

The videos only take me about a half an hour to shoot, edit and upload, and I so far have used the time I have when I get off work at 1:30am to go down where it’s quiet and record a few. Editing it is very simple and it’s a bit of iMovie and Photoshop so it’s a pretty reasonable process.

The first character I featured was the classic Batman we have. This one is modeled after the Adam West Batman, one of my favorites. We have about 25 different toys so far, and I figured if I bought one a week (they run about $8) then I could develop a nice little playlist. Now obviously I don’t expect to actually make any type of money on these videos, but who knows, maybe if I do it consistently enough, it’ll gain a following. If not, it’s cool too. So below is the first video I made, and I have it set up to release a new video on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays that way I can backlog some videos and schedule them for release. The next two will feature a WWE Wrestler, the cover photo will give that away, and a Disney character. Next video will up on Monday. Enjoy!


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