Day 67 – A Late Evening

It has been a pretty unproductive morning today as I had full intentions of going to Target to get dog food, and I thought, hey I’ll take a quick little nap, go to Target and then head to work. Unfortunately, my little nap turned in to like a 2 or 3 hours nap and I ended up waking up just in time to shower before going to work. I did grab a ice Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks too which is amazing, but probably majorly unhealthy.

Tonight, because of the time change, I will have to stay at work until around 2:30am compared to 1:30am because EMEA team does not change their time until the end of March. I don’t think I ever realized that it didn’t happen everywhere, but it’s good to know.

Jen left early this morning to have lunch for her grandma’s birthday which is cool. Ricky was not a fan of waking up this morning, but after a little bit he was good. He has done such an awesome job of not having any accidents at night, and he doesn’t even wear pull-ups anymore to bed. This is a huge win for parents of a 3-year-old.

Not a whole lot more than that, but wanting to get this blog posted here quickly before it gets too late. One more day of work after today and then I’m off again for my usual 3 days. It is supposed to be absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to get Ricky out and play. I have full plans of doing so on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I hope everyone who hasn’t had to work this weekend has enjoyed their nice weather days. Hoping for many many more. Enjoy your sunday all!

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