Day 70 – A Bit of Fresh Air

I’ve been planning on writing this blog since earlier, but of course it came to the last minute. I’m laying in bed watching Boy Meets World which is amazing to have come on later in the evening. God help my time if it ever hits Netflix.

Today was a great day and I got to enjoy the day outside a bit with the kiddos. Jen had to work at 2pm so I took Ricky and Amelia for a little walk to Fritz’s, and ice cream place down the road a little ways. I even got to try out the carrier thing with Amelia which lets me “wear” her around.

Tomorrow Jen and I are both off again, but I have a couple episodes of the podcast to record around 7pm. That still gives me quite the time still with the family. I’m debating whether I’m going to head to bed after posting this or get up and try and be productive. We shall see.

On one other side note, the Rayman Legends game on Xbox One is a load of fun, and I recommend you download it! 


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