Day 71 – Recording On Stage

Tonight we recorded a new episode of the Rock Paper Podcast at the comedy club in Westport called the Funnybone. It is a place I have been to a few times, more so recently with Shane as we have interviewed a few comedians here, or around Westport when a show was going on. What was special tonight is that the guys at the Funnybone let us record on the stage at the Funnybone, which was pretty cool.

Westport Funnybone Stage

We sat down with comedian Jeremy Essig who was very cool to chat with, and somebody who I admired for his desire to do something different with comedy. On the show, we discussed how standup has essentially been the same thing for some time, and he wants to try something different. It may fail, but his desire to try and make a change was pretty cool.

Sitting up on the stage, granted it was an empty room, and we had a good hour and a half until they started seating for a show, I could imagine how intimidating it must be to stand up on that stage by yourself and try to do the hardest thing, I think of any entertainer, make people laugh. Yet, Jeremy does it on a nightly basis, and seems to do a pretty darn good job.

I know it’s not a huge thing, but it was still a fun night, and I made it home in time to watch the remainder of an amazing St. Louis Blues game. On top of all that, I actually recorded some shots to continue my Funko Pop Youtube videos. My next one comes out tomorrow, so make sure you subscribe here for a new video every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. My latest one is below, featuring the “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

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