Day 73 – Laying Off the Junk

So I don’t know what is, but I think I came to the realization that I eat like utter and total garbage. I’m talking just brutally terrible, and I think today I got to the point where I’m just kind of done.

I am pretty sure if I backed off of the energy drinks and soda I’d start to feel less tired, which sounds kind of funny, but I think overall my body would just say thank you. On top of that, I always bring like a bag of gummy bears to work, and whatever other nonsense, and I just want to not be a bum.

The funny thing is that it is all self-control and not giving in to urges to want caffeine all of the time. It’s easy to start feeling a bit tired and say, hey I want a Mountain Dew, but I kind of feel like I am over that. I think the only heavy caffeine I will still consume is coffee in the morning, and maybe a cup at night at work. Outside of that, I’m going to try and focus, hopefully, on water.

Now, I saw all of this and then tomorrow I may drink 8 Red Bulls eat a bag of gummy bears and do a line of cocaine, but today I’m going to try and just start the motions of setting my brain to say, you want it, but just don’t give in. Wish me luck, and hopefully I can keep it going, because I want to not be an unhealthy goof.


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