Day 75 – TGIM

I am absolutely dragging today as we are out of creamer so I’m going to have to wait to get some coffee until before I head to work. Not a huge deal, but I definitely feel like I could sleep the entire day away if possible. Unfortunately I have one more day of work to get through before my weekend. I’m hoping it ends up going by fairly quickly and uneventful, but you never know with each day.

I am actually smart today and writing my blog before work, instead of freaking out at work on whether I will get to write one. It has started to become kind of routine which is nice. For the most part I think about it during the day, and there are those few occasions where it hits me about about 11:30 the night of and I immediately have to jump on my laptop to write a quick blog. I can’t say all of my blogs are phenomenal, but my goal is to at least write something every day so so far I’ve been able to do that with only one slip up in which I missed my goal by an hour.

I don’t really have much planned for my days off, but I think we’re expecting rain so that’s kind of a bummer. Today’s high is like 80 degrees which is nuts. Sure glad I’m sitting inside so I don’t have to take in any of that nice weather 😛

Well Amelia has just passed out for a nap and I need to take a quick shower before leaving for work, so enjoy your Monday folks, and for those who are starting your work week, hopefully it gets off on the right foot.

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