Day 76 – Another Late Night Cleaning Session

I’ve got my headphones on and The Used blaring probably louder than I should, but it’s motivating as I take a quick break from cleaning to post for the day. I believe I have about 13 minutes left. My son Ricky, despite not taking a nap, was a bear trying to get to finally fall asleep. Eventually I just decided to stop trying to force him to sleep and try and sleep myself to see if he’d see that if I ignored him, maybe he’d fall asleep. He finally did and I guess I woke up about 45 minutes after. Today had it’s good times and it’s frustrating times. Chasing my son around places wear me out, but also does get old, but taking him to the park and playing with him is fun. It just gets to a point where if he doesn’t nap, he kicks in to his toddler rage.

In other news, I’ve been kind of looking around to get some new headphones. Something that would work for podcasting, but also hold up if I wanted to go running in them. I was looking at Beats, but a lot of people say they are an overpriced fashion statement, which may be true, but I am still looking around to see what works best.

I’ve been successful so far in not giving in to any temptation of soda, energy drinks or fast food. We did have lunch/early dinner today at Max n Ermas and I got some chicken parmesan which is always pretty delicious it seems like anywhere. I went to Schnucks tonight to stock up on some Gatorade too, to try and ease the desire to drink something other than water. I’m a pretty big milk nerd too so that gives me an option if the desire to down a soda or something comes up. Tonight would have been one of those perfect times I would have down a huge Red Bull and went to town, but am happy I didn’t give in. Hoping to just train my mind to not desire junk, and well so far so good, granted it’s only been a few days, but hey little battles right.

Alright, back to the kitchen to clean, just came down to the basement to toss some toys in the bucket thing down here, back up to clean off the filthy table.


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