Day 77 – #KBStrong

I would love to say I’m a pretty tough guy, and the things that I may gripe about on a daily basis may seem pretty important, until you step back and take a look at life, and realize stuff you complain about is minuscule compared to the courage, strength and perseverance others have to go through. My sister-in-law Kathy is currently battling breast cancer, and doing it with such a powerfully positive attitude, you can’t help but admire how strong of an individual not just she is, but her husband (my brother Scott) and their 2 girls are.

Just recently my sister Casey brought to my attention this Honorary Bat Girl contest Major League Baseball is doing to help fight breast cancer that she shared on Facebook. Essentially each team has their own group of women battling breast cancer, and being from the proud city of St. Louis, my sister-in-law Kathy is a part of the St. Louis Cardinals. All I can ask is to bring some brightness to her battle, and vote for her to give her a much earned opportunity to possibly experience this great moment with the St. Louis Cardinals. Below his her story, as I’m sure it can be told far better than I ever could, but all I ask is that you click the link at the end of her story, select CARDINALS as the team and vote for her, her name is under KBStrong. Seriously, it would mean the world to not just her, but her family as well. I can only strive to be even a fraction as strong gas she is, but I can’t emphasize enough how great it would be to see people get behind her and vote. Also, I know a lot of you who may read this, have Twitter and Facebook, and if you could just share this and use the #KBStrong that’d be pretty cool. Again, I get absolutely nothing from this, and if there is one thing of mine you ever retweet, or share or whatever, make it this, not for me, but for Kathy. She’s such a great person. See her story below that was written by my sister Andrea:


I would like to nominate my AMAZING sister-in-law Kathy! Kathy is in the middle of her brave fight against breast cancer. Kathy discovered a lump in May 2014 that at the time the doctor told her was nothing to worry about. After a few months Kathy went back to the doctor and in December was diagnosed with breast cancer that was between stage 2 and 3. Two weeks later Kathy started an 18 week stint of Chemo. Kathy is married to my brother Scott who is a Firefighter. They have 2 wonderful daughters, Madison 14 and Mackenzie 11. Kathy has always taken care of him, the girls, their home and ALL that goes with that. She is always on the go ready to help and make sure her family is taken care of! Though chemo has been a rough for Kathy, she still manages to make sure everyone is cared for and continues to be active for her own health.

Kathy has lost her hair, but she now sports a wig with style and grace. BEAUTIFUL as ever! Though she may not be as energetic every day as she was before the chemo started, Kathy continues to amaze us all with her strength. She just completed a 7K run at the Cottleville St. Patricks Day parade and Run with her twin sister and friends. AH-MAAA-ZING!! She has a long road of chemo, radiation, and surgery ahead yet Kathy never stops thinking of everyone else first. She is an inspiration to her family, friends, and everyone she meets. A Facebook page created by my sister is titled #KBSTRONG, and has over 80 people following her journey that give daily pictures, videos, and words of encouragement.

Kathy is a die hard St. Louis Cardinal fan and this would be a spectacular opportunity for her to be a part of. Something just FOR HER. Something that would help keep that smile that’s always on her face. She is so deserving of some Redbird LOVE and support! So c’mon CARDINAL NATION, lets prove once again what the best fans in baseball can do! Vote for my sister-in-law, Kathy! #KBSTRONG all day long!

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