Day 78 – It’s Time to Go Offline and Reconnect

This is going to probably be a funny source of motivation, or inspiration or whatever this may be, but I was preparing to watch a YouTube video yesterday, and an ad popped up from Durex. You know Durex, the other condom company that isn’t Trojan. It was an interesting ad because the premise was that they got a bunch of couples together and told them that there’s a great tool on all smartphones that bring people together and can improve a relationship, communication and all of these other things. The couples anxiously awaited to see what this new “feature” on the phone is that could make all of this happened, and what the so-called “scientist” at Durex held up was the phone showing the swipe to off feature. Essentially telling couples to turn off your phones and just be with each other. The couples reactions were kind of interesting because it almost took that for them to realize that they are spending more time attached to their devices than they do each other.

It was an interesting thing, because I know the ad is aimed more towards the intimate relationship of people, but it just re-emphasized a pet peeve that has been developing with me in the fact that people are way too caught up in their devices, their notifications, their likes and shares and whatever else it is. It’s funny, I used to think it was just my generation, but you do see it as a universal trait amongst teenagers and the generations older than mine. On the podcast last night, we were briefly talking about this, and I wondered what it would be like if Twitter and Facebook closed down their site at like 10pm. They structured their site in business hour terms. I know this will never be a thing, but it would be an interesting social experiment with the people. We would be forced to interact with people.


The more I get annoyed with people being caught up in their social networks, I realize how much I want to just disconnect for a while. Shane and I have talked about this on our many drives back from doing the podcast in that we could probably get rid of Facebook and Twitter and whatever and not feel too much remorse. I find most of the activity for me on these sites is to share our podcast or blogs and maybe some pictures every once in a while. I just think it’s time to step away for a while, sure I’ll still post my blog on Facebook, but luckily that happens automatically when I publish it. The podcast I will still have to log on to post, but if that’s the only thing, than I would be happy.

So I think after I post this, I’m going to begin my disconnect week. If I can go longer than that, it’d be great, and ultimately I would like to just stop using it altogether, with the exception of those few projects that post. I just don’t like the idea that we have become so handcuffed to checking our notifications and likes and stuff. Let me correct that, it almost drives me batshit crazy that we have become that way. By the way, let me say I’m putting myself at the top of the pedestal in guilty of this, so I’m not saying tsk tsk on all of you. This is a tsk tsk on myself first, and then maybe it’ll spread to others. I just hate this addiction to our phones, and I want to chill it out for a while. After a week, if I don’t really miss Facebook or Twitter, than I’m going to try and keep it going.


I don’t know if it is the overall gratification of wanting to better myself, but something is starting to kick me in to gear. I’m wanting to change myself and almost simplify myself more. Last night ever emphasized that more when we were at our podcast guest Paul’s house and I noticed walking through his living room to his door that he did not have a television in his living room. Instead he had a record player and some speakers set up. He said he hadn’t really watched television for like nine years. That blew me away, and made me so jealous. I’m not saying television is bad, but how nice is it to have such a far more simplified life and be able to just take in music over the trash that is on television.

So anyway, as I type this blog, I’m removing the social media folder from my iPhone and jumping the social media ship for a while, and going to try and just take each day in. I want to enjoy time with my son, daughter and wife. I would love to run the idea passed my wife of getting rid of the television from the living room and putting in the basement but that may be going a little overboard, and even I would probably be like, this was a horrible idea.

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