Day 87 – Warts And All

Since I’ve been listening to the Nerdist podcast, I’ve heard some pretty awesome conversation that you don’t normally get from your average interview. It’s a conversation style podcast that I won’t lie, I model a lot on the Rock Paper Podcast, because you get a lot more of an organic conversation than just asking question after question.

Last night on my drive home, I was listening to the episode with the Amazing Randi who is a retired magician was on the episode discussing magic, and people’s NEED to believe in things like religion and even magic. Despite efforts of people to show those who claimed to have been miraculously heeled that they were not actually heeled, only to go back and still believe because they fault themselves.


During the conversation the Amazing Randi, who’s first name is James was discussing his coming out story and a documentary about him. There were parts in it that he claims he did not want in the film during the moment, but ultimately asked they remained in because he wanted it to be real “warts and all.” This quote which is from Oliver Cromwell whom when having his portrait done, requested it be done with all of the warts he had on his face, for some reason the quote really stuck with me, because essentially it means that you let people see you for you, faults and all. In a world of snapshot moments with Facebook statutes and Twitter updates, we tend to portray people with how we see them on Facebook, for the better or worse, but it’s only a fraction of who they are. Many times, if we take a picture of ourselves, then we don’t want something that is unflattering to ourselves. We want to look our best when exposing ourselves to the world (Facebook).

Oliver Cromwell

The same thing happens with entertainment and models. My wife has asked me if I think certain models are hot or say magazines like Playboy or Maxim appeal to me. And in all honestly, they don’t because all I can think about is how photoshopped the images are. Seeing a girl for what she really looks like is far more attractive or interesting to me, then some done up photoshopped spread. That’s just me, but the idea of not being ashamed of your imperfections is something we all struggle with. It’s something I wish I could easily do, but I still find myself if going somewhere making sure my hair doesn’t look like I just woke up, because I want to be presentable. It’s a mindset maybe I can work on aiming for and realizing that nobody is perfect, and it’s good to embrace your imperfections. There’s nothing wrong with improving yourself whether it is body or mind, but don’t beat yourself up over who you are. It’s your individuality, and what makes people pretty awesome in their own right.

I haven’t seen the documentary with the Amazing Randi, but I am hoping to check it out during my time off from work in the next few days, because his conversation with Chris Hardwick was extremely interesting. The title is “An Honest Liar” and it comes out on DVD later this year. Hopefully I can find a version of it, otherwise I’ll wait.


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