Day 89 – A Day of Nothing

Today was a pretty low key day of doing a whole lot of nothing, but hanging out with the kiddos while Jen had to work. I did go get an oil change in my car which was well overdue, but it was alright. I took Ricky with me and he definitely did not want to go home after getting a small taste of fresh air. I’m hoping to maybe do something with him tomorrow because I think it’s supposed to be amazing outside. Jen has to work at 5 so we’ll see what comes up.

Jen’s mom is heading to Florida for a few weeks so I’m going to see if we can get Ricky to crash in his bed. He may be down for it, he may not, either way is fine, but I figured since I have the opportunity, I’ll give it a shot. Amelia has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 1pm so that’s actually going to be some of what we do, I kind of forgot. That normally goes pretty well, Amelia has spit up a few times today that have seemed a little out of the ordinary, and we’re not sure if it may be teething or something else so at least the doctor can take a peak while we’re there.

I’m not sure if Jen is going to make a trip to Schnucks tonight as I think we’re out of milk, but she’s hanging with Amelia right now so maybe I can snag Ricky up and we can make a quick run. I was craving something sweet, and some ice cream may quench that craving but we’ll see. I’m going to down some green tea real quick and see if maybe that knocks out the craving, because i’m almost craving a soda, and that may be from the Mountain Dew I drank yesterday during our Wrestlemania party.

So that’s all that’s going on today, but excited to have 3 more days off before having to head back to work as normal on Friday. If I would have been paying attention, I could have had Friday off too for good Friday, but figured the holiday pay will be good. Have a great Tuesday all.

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