Day 90 – Some Tired Kids

One of the challenges we face with our son Ricky is whether to let him nap or not. Most of the time, if he decided he wants to crash early in the afternoon, say 1 or 2, then we’re totally fine. When the time hits where it’s about 4 or 5 and he starts mentioning naps, then it’s a battle to keep him awake and avoid ¬†treacherous evening of a kid who will not listen and is wild beyond all belief.

Today, he avoided such a nap, and around 5 or so I decided to take him and his sister Amelia to a school by my sister’s house where I know there was a playground. I normally take him to a park, but with the weather being amazing, I figured the park would just be loaded with kids all over the place. I figured this playground may be empty, but it’s still a pretty good sized set up. I was right. We got there, and there was nobody at all. Only after about a half hour or so did another guy with his two young kids come by and Ricky played with them.


By the time we left, and grabbed a corn dog from Sonic, we were about 5 minutes from home when I noticed Ricky dozing off. I decided since we were almost home that I would try and keep him awake. It worked, but was it a battle for a little bit. I knew when I got home that I had to feed Amelia some dinner, and the poor guy just kept mentioning how he wanted to go lay down. It was about 6:45pm and that’s a spot in time where you’re not sure if they’ll sleep through the night or wake up at like 11pm and be wired for sound. I also really wanted to give him a bath, because he had missed out on a bath he last couple of days. While I was feeing Amelia he would be laying on the kitchen floor, or on the steps just continually repeating how he wanted to go to bed.

Eventually I got Amelia fed and started a bath for him. I thought that the bath would actually get him even more chilled out and relaxed and the table would be set for an easy bed. I was wrong. Amelia, whom I had sitting in her little seat outside of the bathroom started throwing a bit of a fit. Luckily, this was after I was able to get Ricky’s body and hair washed. He was essentially good to go so I let him play around a bit in the tub while I got Amelia taken care of. Fear not parents, I had Amelia in a spot where I could keep an eye on Ricky too. We don’t really fill the tub up that full, maybe just to his belly button, but you never want to take chances with kids and water.

Anyway, as I was getting Amelia a bottle Ricky decided to get out of the tub himself. This was fine, except he was wet and didn’t really wrap his head around the concept of the towel I gave him would dry him off and keep him warm. I think this little action woke him up because he was wild up until about 10 minutes ago when he finally crashed. He’s actually up in his bed which I’m trying to get in a little habit for a few weeks while Jen’s mom is in Florida. With her staying with us, she stays in his room so he’s always been in ours. Last night he actually did pretty good and slept through the whole night.

Amelia is also sleeping now, but I assume will wake up one more time for Jen to feed her before heading to her longer sleep routine. Now that I think about it, I’m sitting here on the couch with our dog Lola sleeping right up against me, a purring Ryan (cat) over my right shoulder, and our other big dog Biscuit who is dead to the world on our chair. The lights are mostly off down here so there’s just a whole lot of silence outside of my keyboard typing.

Jen should be home any minute now so I’m just hanging out until she gets home. She works a bummer shift tomorrow 12-9:15 so that eliminates any fun we can have as a family with the kids, but I’ll try and get something down with the kids while she’s at work. She’s off Thursday which is my last day before going back to work so hopefully we can designate some time to do something fun. We also both get paid which is always nice.

That’s about all we have going on here, Ricky had a blast at the park, and now both kids are asleep, really by 10pm. It’s a goo day.


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