Day 92 – Vacation is Over

I must say having 5 days off has been pretty nice. I’m just sitting here with the family as the night comes to an end and we begin to get the kiddos in bed. I had to make a last minute trip to Schnucks to get milk and stamps.

Jen has to work early tomorrow morning so it’ll me and the kids until I have to take them to their aunt’s house until Jen gets off. They normally do pretty good over there, so no worries on my end.

Jen cooked a delicious dinner tonight, and it was nice having dinner with my little family. After we had dinner, we let Ricky dye some easter eggs with a close hand from Jen. Otherwise, there would have been colored water all over the floor. Jen had taken Amelia with her today to get her birth certificate, and though we were all going to go, Ricky passed out a little while before we left, so I stayed home with him. We ended up making a random trip to Best Buy to look around, but we didn’t leave empty handed as I found a Yo Gabba Gabba DVD for $4.99 and I found The Princess Bride on bluray for $7.99 so it wasn’t a total waste of a trip.

I’m not totally looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, and I actually could have had the day off for Good Friday, but I volunteered to work, but I’ll be working with some cool guys, so it should be a good normal way to get back in the swing of things. I’m sure the first few hours I’ll feel like I have never worked there before, After that though it should call come back to me.

I think that’s all of the excitement for me. I’m going to get the little man in bed and continue reading the TMNT comic I started. It’s such a cool series so far, and I look forward to reading through it over time.

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