Day 96 – Fussasaurus

The last few days have been sort of rough for our daughter Amelia. She has been extremely fussy. It’s one of those things where you can’t put her down without her beginning to cry and even feeding her was a bit of a chore. She woke up at 6:30 this morning and really didn’t sleep too much until this evening.

We’ve gotten her some stuff and it seems it may be constipation and teething. She’s at that age where her teeth are close to coming in and she has also been eating baby food which I think has been messing with her stomach. 

I ended up taking work off today because she was just having such a rough day and thiugh Jens aunt who was going to watch the kids could handle it, I just felt better letting her be fussy with me. I really hate missing work but I appreciate the fact that if there is an issue with one of my kids I don’t feel guilt tripped into missing work. That was not the case in retail and I rarely missed work there.

The kiddos now are both sleeping and I’m hoping Amelia is able to get some sleep. Tomorrow is my birthday so I’ll be the ripe ol age of 29 and I’ll get to spend the evening at the Blues game with my awesome wife. That is of course providing Amelia has a better day.

That’s about all going on now. I am going to hop in the shower and then try and do some cleaning. Though Amelia was fussy Ricky was in full mess mode and brought tons of toys upstairs. I hope everyone had a solid Monday.


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