Day 98 – No Fits Were Thrown

Today was the last day off before Jen goes back to work tomorrow. We actually had two days off together and we decided since we went to the Blues game last night, we would spend today with the kiddos. We have come to realize that if Ricky does not get a nap then come about 5 or 6 o’clock he becomes a bit of a terror. Today, apparently was an exception though, because though he got a very small nap in the car, he refrained from really throwing too much of a fuss with anything we did.

It was a nice day to spend with the family, and we came home and Jen fixed a pretty amazing spaghetti dinner. She knows how to cook pretty darn good.

Tomorrow she has Clinique class so it will be the kiddos and I until she gets off at 5pm. Jen and I actually discussed trying to get tickets to the Blues/Blackhawks game tomorrow night because we had such a great time last night, but decided that the tickets were a little too pricey. Maybe we’ll find a playoff game that is affordable that we can go to again, because it was a blast hanging with her at the game.

Not too much else going on, I think I have dumped my streak of eating healthy, and actually have a Red Bull sitting beside me because I have a lot of cleaning I want to get done tonight before tomorrow. The kitchen is a bit of a mess, and Ricky does a swell job of just littering the house with toys. I’ll pretty much attack with my usual routine of an energy drink and some music.

I shot an invite over to my buddy Darin to come over and watch the Blues game tomorrow at the house. It’d be cool if they make it over, but it’s not like a party. He’s just fun to watch hockey games with because he’s as die hard with the Blues as I am. So that’s all of the fun going on today, i twas a good day that was clear of most toddler fits which is awesome. Now it’s time to clean. As much as I would like to continue watching Jurassic Park III (Sarcasm) I think I will spend my time being more productive.

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