Day 99 – Central Division Champions!

It’s about 10:30 and I have been on the verge of falling asleep since the start of the St. Louis Blues game tonight at 7pm. The good news is that not only did they beat the Chicago Blackhawks (again) but they also clinched the central division title with the loss by Nashville. That’s pretty exciting, and it also means we are going to have home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

We had some rough weather today here in St. Louis. Most of the chaos actually as north of us, so really we had the tornado sirens go off out of nowhere, but we only got just a little bit of rain. It occurred to me that the tornado sirens were almost obsolete, and I really didn’t have anything loud on. I could hear them, but it was very faint. I remember them last year being much louder.

It’s back to work tomorrow, which hopefully will go well. I have to take Amelia and Ricky over to Susan’s again to watch them, but we should be good for the rest of the weekend as Jen has a short shift, and then is off Sunday.

I got a new case for my iPad that I think I finally am going to not only keep on the iPad, but I feel will actually protect the whole iPad. It has a smart type cover on the front, but it is also connected to a hard back. It’s all one piece, but it doesn’t feel heavy. It’s funny how long it has taken me to find an iPad case i like. I think these are similar to the cases we had on some of the iPads at JCPenny, which I really liked

So that’s all that’s going on, I need to go to bed. I cannot wait to lay in bed, close my eyes and hopefully pass out. i’m hoping Ricky doesn’t fight sleep too hard, but hopefully if we are both sleeping then he’ll follow too. So to wrap up, GO BLUES, and if you get a chance, check out this sweet playoff rally video I made for the St. Louis Blues.


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