Day 103 – Getting Active

It feels like as of late I need to find a way to release some energy. I feel like at work I sit around and eat horrible things for 10 hours and then at home the most exercise I seem to get is walking around the house cleaning up. I need to just give my brain a big middle finger and say STOP BEING LAZY.

My mind really is motivated to get back in to running, but I am defeating my motivation with excuses of why I probably shouldn’t go for a run. Most of the time it’s being a dad stuff like having to watch the kids or feeling bad if I were to get up early and going for a run in case the kids get up early and start bugging Jen so she can’t sleep in. Ideally I would like to go to Rotary park and just run around that park. It has a nice combination of a change of scenery as well as hills.

I just feel like my brain has such good intentions to do productive things, but I always overcome those thoughts with stupid excuses. I need to find a way to get my brain disciplined to just do it! I hate that I’m starting to put on weight. It may not look like it, but I can tell my metabolism is probably slowing down.

I won’t lie it’s not like I was always super healthy, but I had the benefit of a high metabolism so I was always scrawny, but now I feel like I’m still scrawny, but my belly is gaining some weight and I hate the idea of that.

So I’m going to figure something out. I’m going to try and kick my brain to the curb and roll with that motivation so I can feel productive. If I don’t do it, come TP my house or something. Then I’ll at least know what’s up.


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