Day 107 – Sick Kids

You know what’s fun about having kids? They seem to get sick all of the time. If you have multiple kids, then once one gets sick, the other surely will as well. This is the case with our kiddos who have spent the day with runny noses and fevers. I ended up sleeping in the living room with both kids, but hopefully they’ll sleep better tonight. Amelia, actually did sleep good last night, and I think it was because she started to not feel well. Luckily, Jen stayed home with them and is a pretty terrific mom, so no worries there.

Not much outside of that. Tomorrow is Record Store Day and Shane and I will be representing the podcast at Vintage Vinyl by guest DJing. It is also the Blues second game of the playoffs so while I’m there, I’ll be keeping an eager eye on updates from the game. I hope they show up and play a little better than they did the night we went on Thursday.

So that’s about it, work week has begun, half day tomorrow with the RSD thing at Vintage Vinyl, but I’m hoping the kids start to feel better and the week goes by fast. Have an excellent day all

Side note, Jen and I are officially Funko Pop collectors.


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