Day 109 – Gloomy Morning

Today was a very lazy day, that if I was off work, would have been amazing to take a gnarly nap with the kids. Amelia passed out for a long time, and Ricky fell asleep just before I had to go to work. I had no TV on and Ricky was just laying on the couch playing on his iPad. The house was kind of dark and it was perfect weather for a monster nap.

Work has been slow and I’m ready for tomorrow to be over with to begin my weekend. I think it’s supposed to be fairly nice, so depending on how the kids are feeling maybe we can take them somewhere like the Zoo or something. We’ve been wanting to take Ricky to the zoo for sometime now.

The last few nights have been rough as the kids have both woken up fussy as they are fighting colds and fevers. Hopefully they are going to be on the tail end of them, but I still feel bad for them. I tried to let Jen sleep in a little bit today because I think she takes the brunt of the sleep deprivation so hopefully I can make it up to her more on my days off. That is one good thing about working late is the possibility for myself or Jen to get to catch up on a little sleep if we can keep Ricky from barging in and jumping on one of us.

So that’s all that’s going on here. Blues game tomorrow so ready for them to hopefully take the lead in the series.


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