Day 112 – A Wild Whoopin’

So despite the Blues complete bi-polar play in the first 3 games of this playoff series against he Minnesota Wild, it was nice to see them come out and just destroy them tonight. They put up 6 goals on them which is nice and non-stressful for a Blues’ fan who makes a habit of getting major anxiety anytime a game is close in the third period. They come back to St. Louis with the series tied at 2, and if they can just play like they did tonight, I’m liking our odds to take the series.

Not much else going on, the kids are both down, and though Ricky was pretty easy because he did not take a nap, Amelia was rough because she’s still battling this cold thing she’s got going on. We had to use the old nose suction thingy to try and get some of the boogers out of her nose, which if any parent has done that, knows the kids are so thrilled at this occurring that they cry in a fit of joy. Ha, if only that were they case, she did not like it at all, but hopefully it will help her sleep better tonight.

I just finished editing the podcast for tomorrow, and am going to soon head to Wal-Mart to pick up some milk and meander around because I’m bored, and there’s not much else to do. I need to pick up some mower bags since my dad brought over a new riding mower they bought of craigslist that has a grass catcher in the back so I just need something to put all of the grass clippings in. I used it Tuesday and our yard looks awesome, I’m actually excited to use it again next week.

Not too much else going on. Jen had to work until 3 today, so I was hanging with the kiddos. After she got home she took Amelia to visit her mom who is in the hospital for a lung infection ( believe is what it was) so before she left I took Ricky up to Fritz’s to get us some ice cream. As he gets older and older, it’s becoming more apparent how much I like having those little father/son moments. Before Jen got home tonight we went to McDonald’s and got some dinner and came back and I sat at the table with him and just hangout. He’s such a cool little guy, and I can’t wait to have those unique moments as Amelia gets older.

Ice Cream

So that’s all for today, one more day off tomorrow before going back to work, and now I believe I will depart for Wal-Mart to get the goodies. Thinking about dressing in drag to see if maybe I can end up on a “people of walmart’ website. Here’s hoping. Have a solid evening all and GO BLUES!


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