Day 113 – Back to Contacts

One of the things I have been putting off that I am glad I finally took care of was getting my eyes checked and ordering new contacts. As much as I enjoy the new glasses I got about a year ago, I always enjoyed wearing contacts, and I finally am back in that world. I previously had used JCPenney’s vision center because I worked at JCP and got the discount, but now working at Centurylink I decided to go somewhere else that supported my vision care. That place was Clarkson Eye Care here in Wentzville and I was pretty happy with the service, and the eye doctor was very kind.

After my appointment Jen and I took the kids to the park, more so for Ricky as Amelia hangout in the umbrella stroller, but as always, Ricky enjoyed himself. After that we made a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and with getting contacts I am able to try on masks with Ricky.


Now both kids are down, and I’m watching some playoff hockey in the living room. I will tell you, that is one thing about playoff hockey, I could watch any one of these games and I’d be entertained. It’s just the love of hockey that I really enjoy. I’m watching the Nashville vs Chicago game and Nashville has come alive and is destroying Chicago now 4-1. The series is shaping up to be 3-2 Chicago. The unfortunate thing is that we have to face one of these teams if the Blues make it to round two.

It’s back to work tomorrow and the kids are going to stay with my parents tomorrow afternoon and hangout. I know Ricky loves hanging out with my parents, and I know they love having them. I’m hoping Amelia starts to feel better as she has been battling a cold for a little while now, and she just seems so pitiful sometimes. Ricky is pretty much over his with the exception of a runny nose and coughing if he gets to hyper, but the fevers are gone and he seems to be sleeping pretty good.

Not too much other than that, and I’m going to play a little Xbox One, I’m in my playoffs on NHL 15 and I’m also actually playing the Minnesota Wild (in the second round as the Blues) and I am in game 7 on that. I’m thinking about selling my copy of NHL 15 because with the EA Access I actually have it with that so I don’t need the hard copy, and I mine as well sell it while I can get something for it.


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