Day 114 – The Sickness Continues

Last night was another rough night for Amelia. She woke up coughing pretty good, and only was able to get to sleep once we gave her some cough medicine. She actually fell asleep leaning up against me on the couch in the living room, a place that is becoming like my second bed since the sickness started. The good news is that she actually slept for maybe 3 or 4 hours up against me, and may have slept more had Ricky not come down and began his day.

She was still fussy today though, and I attempted to give her a warm bath to help open up her sinuses a bit, and just get some of the “gunk” off of her face. I think it helped a little bit, and she ended up falling asleep on me again while watching tv with Ricky. This gave me time to actually put her in her chair and take a quick shower before work.

My parents offered to watch the kids as Jen and I both had to work, and Jen’s mom is in the hospital still. Jen worked just a half day so it was really just my dad watching the two kids for a few hours, which was awesome. I received a text from Jen a little bit ago stating they were keeping Ricky a bit longer to hang out. My parents really do love spending time with the kiddos, and I do appreciate them offering to help out. That goes for really all family that has offered to help and watched the kids, because Robin (who watches them a majority of the time while she’s staying with us), Susan and Scott have all put in tons of time watching the kiddos, and I really do appreciate the help.

So I’m working until 1:30am and hopefully the night goes by with assistance from the Blues game that will be kicking off here in about an hour and a half. That’s one nice thing about if I do have to work during the playoffs, they have it on the big tvs here which is awesome. If only they were rockin’ sound, but that’s ok. I’ll take what I can get.

Hope everyone has a great evening, and a good start to the weekend.


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