Day 119 – Very Little Done Today

I don’t know what was up with me today, but I spent most of it sleeping, which as good as it feels drives me nuts as a wasted day. Jen took the kids to see their new cousin Vera and then to the park so I had the house all to myself to get stuff done, but I literally slept almost from 9am-almost 7pm. There was a break where I was up, and actually made a trip to Smoothie King, but still slept.

After I got up, I met Shane and we recorded a new episode of the podcast, so I was somewhat productive, but I could have gotten the house in somewhat shape so it’s a little disappointing.

I’m going to get ready to give Ricky a bath, who had just a phenomenal day today with Jen as they went to the park and a few other places. We’re hoping to take Ricky and Amelia to the zoo tomorrow as it’s supposed to be beautiful so I’m excited.

Short blog today, but I’m getting Ricky in the tub real fast so he can get ready for bed. Have a great day all.


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