Day 120 – Better Than Yesterday

Well I have to say I definitely did not sleep as much as I did today! I thought I would be up all night last night after sleeping some much, but after editing the podcast I went right to sleep. On a bonus note Amelia actually slept through the whole night so I woke up feeling pretty rested. I had an eye appointment at 10am to make sure my contacts were working for me before ordering them so went and did that, which was a quick little thing.

When I got home we started getting the kids together as we planned to take them to the zoo because the weather was beautiful, and it did not disappoint. It took us al little bit to finally get down to the zoo, but we actually got there just in time when all of the school kids were leaving. We made our way around the zoo, and the kids had a great time.

It turned in to a bit of a fussy party just before we got home, but the kids had both been up the whole time so it was understandable. I’m now sitting here watching tv while Amelia sleeps. She was having a second wind and not wanting to sleep. After al little hanging out downstairs, she’s sleeping now, so I’m writing a blog here before I decide my next step. Thinking about heading to bed, on my beloved couch, but maybe I myself will get a second wind and do something productive.


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