Day 121 – Go Read Tippin’s Latest Blog

I have no idea why I enjoyed reading the shit out of my buddy Tippin’s blog today, but the way he did just gave me a giant blogging boner.

He seriously didn’t do anything crazy, or post about anything in particular, but the fact that it felt like live blogging for some reason struck a cord with my attention span. This blog is strictly dedicated to him, and also you going to read his other blogs because he seriously is a great writer. Even when it’s just about his last few days spent, I still find the way he writes incredibly awesome.

I know this probably sucks as an actual blog, but you’ll enjoy his blog more than one I would have written today, and he’s just a rad dude, and I think we have about the same sized weiners so it’s a healthy competition on that front.

So go, read his blog, subscribe to it, leave him a comment and know that doing so will make your day.



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