Day 127 – Welcome to the Show

About a week ago I traded in my Xbox 360 to Best Buy to get a pretty awesome credit for an Xbox One. So I already have an Xbox One and I’ve been dying to play MLB 15: The Show so today I traded my newly acquired Xbox one and got a PS4.

I have to say I have only played one game so far and I love it. The game is a blast and knowing I have both major systems is pretty rad. We set it up in the bedroom so I now have options haha.

Today was an awesome day of hanging with Ricky man. Jen took Amelia with her to a mommy convention so while she had a girl say, I had a guy day with Ricky. We went to Best But, Target, he went swimming in his pool, we played outside while I trimmed up a bush and then we grabbed some lunch and had a mini picnic in the front yard. He’s just getting so big and it’s so fun having those days. In excited to have the same kind of days but with Amelia in a few years.

The kiddos have both fallen asleep so I think I’m going to start a season. Good night folks.

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