Day 128 – Home Life

Another work week is underway, and as always, leaving the family for the day is always a bummer. I think the fact that I get to spend the morning/early afternoon with them is what makes it hard. If I worked early on, and I left before they got up I think it would be easier. It’s not terrible, I think when you have something you love more than anything in this world, it’s hard to depart from it, and that’s how I feel about my little family.

Tomorrow is moving day for Jen’s mom, as she is moving to Somersville (I believe is what it’s called, I could be totally wrong) so we may try and start getting Ricky to crash in his bed at night. Jen’s mom has been helping with us since Amelia was born, and I absolutely appreciate all that she has done, but I’m sure it will be nice not just for us but for her to be able to do what she wants, and not have to worry about a half naked kid running in her room and jumping on her (though she probably doesn’t mind that at all haha). It’ll just be nice to maybe use this as inspiration to get things in order. Again, I hope this does not come off as a “good riddance’ but more of a best of luck at your new place, and Jen and I appreciate all the help!

I stayed up pretty late last night playing MLB 15: The Show and I know it’s new, but I think I love the heck out of that game. There is so much attention to detail that it’s a blast. It was funny, towards the end of one of the games I was winning and I was down to the final out, and I thought, this would be cool if the fans stood up and began cheering for the final out. Of course I figured this would be a little too much detail to ask for, but low and behold they did. It was pretty awesome. I also love the fact that the skill is based on how you’re improving. The skill level starts out on Rookie batting and pitching, but as you play it adjusts to your skill level. If I’m just crushing the ball on rookie, then you build up enough skill that it bumps it up to Pro and gets a little hard. It helps keep the game balanced, and improve your skill and keeping the game challenging but fun. I may dive in to a game tonight when I get home.

Not much else going on besides that, so hopefully everyone has had a good day. I think we’re supposed to be getting some storms tomorrow so hopefully it’s nothing major, but we shall see. Jen’s aunt will be watching the kids so I’ll have to drop them off there for a few hours. It sounds like she’ll be watching the kids which based on if my work shift changes, will be very beneficial. I’m really hoping, as much as I would hate leaving my colleagues, to get a normal monday-friday shift. I can’t remember the last time I consistently had weekends off. If things go right, I would be working 7-5 Monday through Friday, but we’ll see. Crossing my fingers for that to work out, but that’s all I got going on. Back to work I go!

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