Day 129 – Transitioning to Just Us

So Jen’s mom moved out today to go stay with her cousin in Somersville (sp?) so I spent the morning with the kiddos and assisting in anyway I could. She has pretty much been getting ready for this for probably the last week, so really I just contributed some printed off pictures and a few trash bags, but ultimately she had her stuff ready to go. She is interested in bloggin so I set her up a pretty straight-forward blog in which she can write on from her Kindle. It’s a fun hobby, and a nice thing that I’m proud to say I have kept up now for a number of years, even if the quality of my writing isn’t superb. Just sticking to it, is something I rarely do on most things.

So with Jen’s mom moving out, this will be essentially the first time it’s just us in the house since Amelia has been born. Her mom moved in to help with the kiddos while I went back to work, and with the exception of a couple weeks when Jen’s mom was in Florida, or her just staying with her friends a night or two, it has been the five of us. I’m hoping to take this time to get Ricky in to the routine of possibly sleeping in his own bed. Jen joked around (or at  least I hope it was) that we have to get him in his bed so Amelia can move in to ours. I’m hoping that maybe this change will motivate me to get the house in line. Her mom living with us never prevented me from getting the house clean, and she assisted occasionally getting the living room/kitchen cleaned up if we were out, but knowing that it’s just our little family in the house now, I want to get the house in order.

Just a random music side note, when I hear Taking Back Sunday songs, it immediately takes me back to college. No other band that I have come across since my Pandora listening here lately has done that, not even Story of the Year or Anberlin. I’m not sure why TBS does, but it’s a cool bit of nostalgia.

Not much planned for Mother’s Day as Jen is going to have lunch with her dad and grandma and I have to work at 3:30pm so I’ll spend time with the wife and kids and then depart for work.

So that’s all for this Saturday afternoon. We’ve had rain all day, but at work we don’t really notice much of it. The Cardinals’ game should be coming on in about an hour so we’ll watch that here at work, and I have to say, that team is killing it right now. Good lord, it must be a bummer to be the Cubs, who are playing OK, but are still like 6.5GB in second place. It’s a long season, and a lot can happen, but I’m impressed with how well the Cardinals have started the season. As I wrap this blog up, a TBS song came on the New Found  Glory channel I have playing, it’s “Number Five With A Bullet.”


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