Day 130 – Mother’s Day

This is probably an obvious title for today’s blog as it is obviously the day to celebrate all the moms around the world. Or at least in America, I don’t know if it’s a holiday anywhere else. Regardless, good job out there moms!

I gave my mom a call today to wish her a good day, and a card is in the mail with some pictures of the kids too. I know everybody says they have the best parents, and as long as the argument is going around, then it’s a good sign. Nobody wants to have the debate of who’s parents were the worst. Luckily for me, and some of my good friends, we were brought up with amazing parents, and more specifically for today, amazing moms.

I also am really proud of how great of a mom Jen is to both of our kids. I know that when they get older, they will be able to throw their argument around for why their mom is the best. She really loves the heck out of them, and really wants the kids to have a good childhood. I can’t remember too many times in the recent past when Jen has bought something for herself and not for the kids. She is always looking for ways for the kids to have fun, and she really loves spending time with them. I think her favorite moments are when the kids are acting snuggly and are up close to her. Ricky, as he gets older is doing that a little less, but he still has his moments where he’ll snuggle up to mom and hangout.

Unfortunately for today, I had to work at 3:30 so I got to spend a little bit of time with Jen and the kids, but wish I would have gotten to spend the day with them. I’m hoping on my days off to take Jen to dinner or do something nice for her. I tried to let her sleep in today, as now parents of two, we both realize how nice it is to have that luxury every once in a while. I’m sure Jen allows me to sleep in more than I do her, but again, it just shows how unselfish she is. I love the heck out of her.

So that’s all going on today, going to get back and do some work here, but I hope everyone has an amazing Mother’s Day. Oh yeah, one side note, I just saw on Facebook that Third Eye Blind has a new album coming out on June 16th called “Dopamine” so kind of excited for that. Good day everyone.


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