Day 131 – You Off For 3 Days?

This is a constant question I get from my son Ricky, as I have told him that I have to work for a few days, but on my last day of work, I always say, and then I’m off for 3 days. So now he’ll say “you have to go to work?” I will reply with yes, and then he says “Are you off for 3 days?” It’s pretty cute, and one of the many little phrases I hear on a regular basis from my son. In a few years, I will be hearing them from Amelia.

Today is my last day of work for the week before my 3 days off, and I’m hoping to get the kids out tomorrow and do something. We have had a hit of rain the last few days, so hoping to get them out and enjoy the 70 degree weather. I want to get the house in line too. I feel this new motivation of getting our house in order, and I think that is just the fact that I have the new freedom of walking around my house completely butt naked and doing Pilates. For the record none of that happens, but there are just some things changing for me that hopefully will revive my brain, my motivation and drive. One of those things will be my blog tomorrow, but don’t worry it’s not a huge life changing thing like kids or nothing, so don’t get too crazy friends/family haha.

Hopefully the next 4 hours fly by at work so I can head home and see my little family. I have a feeling there is going to be a major like clean out done here soon. We need to go to the store and I think we have a ton of just junk in the cabinets that can probably be thrown away. I think there are a lot of almost empty snacks too that we can probably remove. I just want to get organized, and the next 3 days is going to be the start of that. I have nothing planned, and no reason to spend money, so I want to focus on getting things in line. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably spend the day playing MLB 15: The Show and get nothing done haha. Hopefully everyone’s Monday is going well, and I hope soon, my Monday will align with all of yours and not be my friday, because that’ll mean I’m on a more normal shift. We shall see, haven’t heard anything yet.


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