Day 132 – I Had A Blast

Good morning everyone. Chris here, and I wanted to take a minute to say a few things. First and foremost, THANK YOU for everyone who has listened, supported and been a guest on the podcast. I have met more awesome people doing this, than I would have ever thought and I am amazed at how much talent there is in St. Louis. Before doing this podcast, I barely knew more than like 2 music venues let alone any type of comedy place outside of the Funny Bone. It has been a great experience doing the show and having my eyes open to the St. Louis comedy/music scene.

With that said, I have decided it’s time to end my time on the show. It’s not for any dramatic reason like Shane and I secretly fight before each episode, nope, we’re still great friends, and the dude treats this show like his baby, and it is going to keep growing and being an amazing show every week. I just decided that I want to put the majority of my time in to being a dad and husband and spending time with my little family, and I did not want to do something if I’m not fully able to commit to it.

So the show is definitely not ending, and like I said, Shane loves doing this show, and LOVES the local music/comedy scene and sincerely wants nothing more than to help those in it the ability to promote their stuff and have those who may not know much about the scene (like myself) get to know some of the great bands and comedians who are all over St. Louis. Not just their music or acts, but actually them as individuals.

So thank you again for taking any part of your day and listening to the show. This show taught me a lot about how to operate a podcast especially behind the scenes, gave me a little more confidence as a host and talking to people and it’s something I probably would have never tried to figure out without Shane and I deciding to do this. So keep listening to the Podcast, because it’s just getting started and maybe I’ll pop in every once in a while to guest host with shane, and Thank You again for the support on this show, I’m going to go listen to some Spotify now.



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