Day. 135 – Coffee, Bagel and a Blog

The kids were both up fairly early this morning, and this coffee probably tastes that much better because of it. They are both currently enjoying an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. This may actually be like the second or third episode. I’m not for certain as they all blend together at this point. They are both content though, and that tends to be the important thing. They will be staying at Susan,s today and then my parents tomorrow. My sister and her family are in town from North Carolina so I want to see them before work.

Men’s trip to the store yesterday was the first one with the mindset of getting food that will actually last, and also provide quality meals. She made her amazing spaghetti last night, which is not only delicious, but also an easy meal to reheat. I’m thinking that will be my dinner tonight. I want to get in a better routine of having an actual plan of things I’m going to eat. My meals at work normally consist of pretzels, gummy bears and a chicken and mashed potato microwave dinner. Add on to that a wholesome dose of soda. The good thing is that I do drink a lot of water at work too, and if I can just eliminate the soda intake, then I’d be in good shape. 

So that’s the excitement for today as I prepare to head back to work. Ricky is officially throwing a tantrum so I must now go tend to that. He’s a mess sometimes haha.


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